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BetU - Sports Betting Ecosystem

on "Exploring Metaverse Casino & Riskfree P2E Betting" Timestamps 00:41 - Introduction 01:40 - How did it all begin? 02:56 - BetU’s Vision 04:06 - P2E Riskfree Betting Explained 05:15 - Expectance to Earn, Realistically 08:42 - Paul’s Favorite: eSports 10:07 - BetUverse: Licensed Metaverse Hotel and Casino 12:36 - The Roadmap Ahead 15:43 - A message for the BetU community

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16:19 - The BetU Token --------------------------------------------------------------- Hey traders, welcome back to Altcoin News Podcast #12. The betting industry is monopolized by global bookmakers who make billions of dollars every year. BetU is bringing the power back to the people with better odds and bigger winnings. On BetU, you can be your own bookmaker and set your own terms on any bet. Or be on the other side and take the best bets. The $BETU utility and governance token powers the betting platform. It is also the only form of currency allowed within the ecosystem. The token will act as chips/credit for betting, and be used for various rewards and incentives. Benefits from staking and being a whale holder and finally, governance of the platform will all rely on the BEP-20 token. Official BetU: -------------------------------------------------------- Explore Blockchain Technology with Become an Altcoin Gem Hunter. Learn the fundamentals and new ideas surrounding DeFi and Metaverse. What’s happening with Ethereum, wait what’s the difference between Cardano and Polkadot? Tune in to Altcoin Gems to discover innovations in the vast world of decentralization, and it’s only the beginning. Disclaimer: The information presented in this podcast is for informational purposes only. Trading cryptocurrencies comes with high risks, so make sure to conduct your research before committing your capital to any investment. Do not allow anyone to dictate the allocation of your capital, ever. Music: BGM (Pixarbay) -------------------------------------------------------- Your Trading Journey Starts Here: Twitter: Altcoin News Podcast: #metaverse #betu #casino
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