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Free bet with EarnU - New Crypto Betting Company We are very excited to announce that SCINSIDER100 has partnered up with an Australian based crypto betting company BetU. BetU combines 3 interrelated platforms including the BetU betting platform (Coming soon) and EarnU a sports prediction game. EarnU is one of the first of its kind and currently offering a great platform for betting (AFL included) with zero risk. How to play EarnU: In EarnU, players aim is to predict the outcomes of major sports to earn BETU tokens. EarnU works on a weekly schedule, with new rounds starting every Tuesday. Rewards are paid out at the end of each round. When players join a round they receive points to play with. The number of points given is based on the number of BETU tokens a player holds. Points are used to make predictions. Players can place some single or multi predictions on any sports or esports league. The points earned at the end of the round are converted to BETU tokens. 500 lucky SCINSIDER streamers are now eligible to receive 100 free EarnU Points to play with.

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Simply with our referral link below, and join the current round with our code "SCINSIDER100" to start earning rewards for correct predictions! Signup link: Promo Code: "SCINSIDER100" Any queries at all, feel free to reach out. Happy Crypto-Punting! Process: Go to Create an account. Put in SCINSIDER100 as a referral code. Join the Round Add SCINSIDER100 as a promo code. Enjoy 100 free points to bet with and earn some free Crypto. Follow us on our other platforms - Twitch - Facebook - Twitter - Soundcloud - We are available on most major podcast mediums including; Itunes, Spotify, Google Podcast, Tune In, PlayerFM, Podbean and Stitcher!
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